Qompendium is an evolving and ever-changing platform for philosophy, art, culture and science, represented by a series of print publications: magazines, books and monographs. Furthermore, it is enriched by a gallery concept, a work shop and a fast-moving online portal.

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Find and order your very own copy of Qompendium and other products created and curated in our online shop. We work to shop, don't we?

Qompendium Time Capsule Series
feat. Manystuff

Poster Set

Qompendium Stationery Set
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Qompendium x Pluto
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Qompendium Print Publication Volume 1
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Qompendium Print Publication Volume 1
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Ten elementary rules for a student wanting to commercially establish his fanzine:


1. The goal of a fanzine shouldn’t be commercial.
2. Have your own ideas.
3. Get an excellent team.
4. Produce a first issue without compromises.
5. Promote the first issue.
6. Gain credibility within your target group.
7. Produce a second issue.
8. Again: own ideas – no compromises – promote it – gain more credibility.
9. Develop your distribution network.
10. Become a reference in your field, but stay humble.

By Mike Koedinger, Publisher at Maison Moderne

Qompendium runs faster then ever.


A next-generation Dedicated Physical Virtual Server – with proven reliability – is only the start. Add industry-new features including Portable OS, Backdoor PowerPanel and more to ensure your projects have ample horsepower.

Media Temple hosts websites.
Big and Small.

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Qompendium x Media Temple
Tuesday, 23.08.2011

A next-generation Dedicated Physical Virtual Server – with proven reliability – is only the start. Add industry-new features including Portable OS, Backdoor PowerPanel and more to ensure your projects have ample horsepower.

Media Temple hosts websites.
Big and Small.


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Qompendium Work, hiring, Talents

Qompendium News

Qompendium Hiring Talents
Tuesday, 25.01.2011

Lloyd & Associates was initiated as an agency driven by intelligent resourcing, commercial creativity and exceptional branding experiences – always aiming to develop products, commodities and environments within a coherent multidisciplinary approach through experimental marketing, branded content and interactive communications. In our portfolio you will find a selection of projects that we have accomplished together with our ecclectic range of clients. Qompendium is one of the very few cultural projects initiated and executed by Lloyd & Associates.

Field of Experiences
Experimental Marketing
Intelligence Research
Corporate Publishing
Exhibition Design
Environment Design
Event Conception and Design
Product Design

We are hiring talents. Please check details here.

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Qompendium News

Two Rooms
Thursday, 16.09.2010

How lucky is the little big city of Zürich to have Two Rooms and its founder Stefano Wieting and how lucky are we to have met Moritz Firchow, the founder of Arcademi, who introduced us to this project? Two Rooms is divided in a back room serving as a design melting pot and the front room as a concept store. Find a well-curated selection of ever-changing products for small budgets to even bigger and more expensive toys. Mr. Wieting knows how to arrange his jewelry, crystal glasses, racing bikes, big brand watches and our print publication Qompendium in his exquisitely yet subtly designed store.

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A Book Mecca curated by
Marius Hansen


Photographer and Wallpaper contributor, Marius W Hansen has founded his other venue besides editorial photography: Antenne Books. A London based shop and distributor for independent publications from around the world, distributing to quality retailers all over UK and Scandinavia.

We are happy to announce that Antenne Books is our exclusive partner for these countries.

Qompendium News

Guide for Qompendium.com


Thank you for all your submissions. We encourage you to keep sending us your stories, updates, ideas and projects. No matter what it is about – from art to cars, from fashion to bytes, from words to books. We kindly ask you to deliver your images in no more than 675 pixel width, always accompanied by a Txt file with information to your project. If you help us to be efficient in our work, we can validate and upload your story even much faster.

Qompedium Editorial Board

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Qompendium News

Review: Qompendium Fashion Party
Sunday, 20.06.2010

A fantastic happening with 6 straight hours of music, fashion, madness and Qompendium stage diving in our favorite Spanish city, Barcelona. A line up to dream of: Chicks on Speed, Silvia Prada, Kim-Ann Foxman, Patrick Pulsinger, Tito, Dirty Disco Youth, Upstart, Ferdiyei and Qompendium.

We enjoyed every minute and now are also big fans of Dirty Disco Youth!

Thursday 17th June 2010
La de Nitsa, Nou de La Rambla 113

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De Zines featuring Qompendium


De Zines, tries to reflect what is happening in the contemporary editorial creation on the level of independent publications, how this area relates to the artistic production and social, cultural and current political environment.

Around 400 international publications have been gathered from most established magazines in the market until handmade zines and a selection of experimental magazines.

Curated by Óscar Martin and Roberto Vidal


Check the website.


Qompendium News

Qompendium ADC Award
Friday, 21.05.2010

Today, we would like to announce that Qompendium Print Publication Volume 1 is awarded with an ADC Nomination in category "Magazines 2010". Congratulations to other nominees: Sleek, Zeitmagazin, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Dummy and Beef.



Qompendium News

D&AD Awards: Qompendium


D&AD: "Congratulations to UK Elle, The New Yorker, Kasino A4, Apartamento, Qompendium, Pin Up and Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazine for their pencil nominations."



mudam, kimberly lloyd, review, mike koedinger

Qompendium News

Review: Qompendium & Mudam
Saturday, 24.04.2010

A presentation at the Mudam about deconstructing and decoding Qompendium and constructing it back into a time capsule of historical and contemporary content. A pictorial review of the event on the 26th March 2010 at the Mudam, Luxembourg.

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Pennie Papercuts
reviews Qompendium

95bFM’s mission is to be the innovator, leader  and indicator of contemporary music and lifestyles. Listen to a review by Pennie on her show called Papercuts, where the host features magazines, books and printed matter. On the 15th April 2010 she speaks to Kimberly Lloyd about Qompendium.


Buy Qompendium in Australia, New Zealand via

Qompendium News

Qompendium in Australia & New Zealand


Magazine specialists Mag Nation, currently run six retail stores across Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney. With a stock of over 4,000 magazine titles, Mag Nation brings in the widest range of air freight magazines to the Sourthern hemisphere. Qompendium is proud to partner with Ravi Pathare, the founder of Mag Nation, an enthusiaistic business man dedicated to niche magazines as well as the more popular main stream titles.

List of locations here.


Qompendium News

Qompendium x Art Dubai
Saturday, 20.02.2010

A strong selection of more than 60 of the world’s most exciting emerging and established contemporary galleries will be attending the fourth edition of Art Dubai.

Proud to announce our media partnership with Art Dubai.


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Stockholm: Papercut orders Qompendium


Find the QPP V1 Collector´s Edition and the QPP V1 Regular Edition at the Papercut Shop, Stockholm.


Qompendium News

Bread and Butter: Qompendium


Find all editions of Qompendium featured and for sale at the Do You Read Me stand in the former waiting lounge of Tempelhof Airport at the Bread and Butter in Berlin.

Bread and Butter
20th to 22th January 2010


Qompendium News

Qompendium Portal
7th January 2010


(mt) Media Temple, Inc.

Creative Direction, Design
Lloyd & Associates

Site Development

Qompendium News

Paris: Qompendium featured at Colette


New Year's delivery to Paris via Ups Express so the Crème de la Crème of hipsters can enjoy the magazine at first hand.



Qompendium News

Lisbon: Qompendium x O Epicurista


Qompendium and O Epicurista unite for an intimate release event in Lisbon at Bario Alto.

O Epicurista located in the design area Santos and is the only concept store in the heart of Lisbon that delivers design products, scents and stationery ephemera from all over the world. We are happy to have Qompendium Print Products established in Portugal with such a great and confident partner.

Details and images here. Find O Epicurista here.

Qompendium News

Selectism blogs on Qompendium


"... another day, another gorgeous magazine pick ..."
Details here.

Qompendium News

Jeremy Leslie comments on Qompendium


"... a publication thoroughly relishing its print identity..."
Details here.

Qompendium News

Amsterdam: Qompendium loves Tenue de Nîmes


Tenue de Nîmes has made pureness as its fundament. Visualizing fabrics like cotton, wool and silk in the shop by using stone, wood, leather and steel in the interior. And we felt Qompendium was complimented perfectly.



Qompendium News

Debut at Do You Read Me?


Qompendium debuts at Berlin´s hottest magazine boutique. Mark Kiessling celebrates its release by giving the magazine a window show case.



Qompendium News

Qompendium stocked in Mitte


Published, released, delivered and sold-out in a week.



Qompendium News

Luxembourg: Curated at Fellner Books


Published, released, delivered and sold-out in a week.



Qompendium News

A Mutual Collaboration


Joachim Baan stocks Qompendium for his very special international readership. Qompendium is sold-out in a few days.



Qompendium News

Qompendium on the Bookshelf


Published, released, delivered and sold-out in a week.



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