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Time Capsule Series

Qompendium Time Capsule Series
featuring Manystuff

Creative Direction by Kimberly Lloyd
Art Direction by Johannes Spitzer

Friday, 20.11.2009
16:15 (Cet)

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Poster Set of 2 posters, blue and pink, a cardboard NASA Meatball Logo
Paper: Arjowiggins Popset
Special Colors: Pantone Red 032 U, Pantone 2735 U
Publisher: Lloyd & Associates GmbH
Language: English
Size: DIN A2
Weight: 200grm

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With Damien Arnaud, Michael Bader , Alex Bec, Ryan Corey, Wayne Daly / Eleanor Duffin, Caroline Dath, Chris Devenport, Yoann Dovier, Mattis Dovier, Ed Fella, Dieter Glauser, Piero Glina, Hannes Gloor, Stefan Jandl, Günter Eden / Roman Breier Grafisches Büro, Guillaume Grall, Wyeth Hansen, Owen Hoskins, Abi Huynh, Jin Jung, Sarah Kahn, Mahawa Kandé, E. Roon Kang, Simon Lagneaux, Olivier Lebrun, Julien Lelièvre, Benoit Lemoine, Nicole Martens, Hanneke Minten, Eivind Molvaer, Jarrik Muller, Marco Müller, Christof Nardin, Martin Nicolausson, Serifan Ozcan, Stéphane Perroud, Adriaan Mellegers / Alfons Hooikaas Planet Earth, Serje Rompza, Anne Schaufeli, Chris Sherron, Mark Simmonds, Ben Smith, David Stettler, Antoine Stevenot, Karen v.d. Kraats, Noah Venezia, Christian Walden , Jessica Williams , Thomas Wismeier, Takeshi Hamada, Per Zennström and many others.

Creative Direction: Kimberly Lloyd for Qompendium
Architectural Setting: Jule Hass for Panatom
Curation: Charlotte Cheetham, Jule Hass, Kimberly Lloyd
Art Direction: Johannes Spitzer
Editorial Research: Nora Bendl

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